Chou Chou I Love You Toothy Tabs.

I’ve tried Dirty and Sparkle toothy tabs and Dirty has more of a sour taste when you first chew it where as Sparkle is a little less sour so I expected the same with these tabs. On the first bite, it wasn’t sour at all, it wasn’t a sweet taste by no means, but it was gentle, just a plain flavour. It creates much more foam than the other two tabs, which made me feel the effect of “clean” a lot more faster. The ending of brushing is what I don’t look forward because, yes the toothy tabs DO clean your teeth, but they did have an after taste which wasn’t the nicest. Chou Chou however, didn’t have the chalky after taste; it had a slight hint of sweetness mixed with just that freshness you get after using regular toothpaste, which I was very shocked at. 

When I first used toothy tabs when they were first released last year, I knew I could use them a lot because I knew they wouldn’t convert me to getting rid of toothpaste all together. Although, after using Chou Chou, these are more of a nicer flavour that you could genuinely use them a lot more than toothpaste. I won’t be replacing my toothpaste permanently but when choosing whether to use these or toothpaste, Chou Chou clean my teeth a lot faster. 

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    I love Chou Chou. Like, not even funny. I can’t even afford the many boxes I want of it and convert to it… I’ll be sad...
  2. moonbeam-from-lightning said: I completely agree! Somehow these make my teeth feel cleaner, makes my mouth fresher, and has far less of the yucky baking soda aftertaste. I’m glad you like them!
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