call me old fashioned but 4 year olds should not own iPhones

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I cannot begin to tell you how important this message is to get across. Now more than ever we are seeing girls -and now even boys- hating the way they look at younger and younger ages. Of course, as we all already know… one of the biggest contributors to our diminishing self love is the media (surprise, surprise). We are bombarded by thousands of advertisements every single day regarding improvements in the way we look. This only makes us feel even more inadequate when all the gimmicks and products don’t give us the results we were SHOWN. The absolute biggest problem with people feeling like shit about themselves nowadays is NOT because of how frequently we see these ads, or how many products are on the market; its the WAY we are lead to believe a false reality because it truly LOOKS attainable. 

This photo shows this. I’m 15 and i muck about with photoshop in my spare time, and i managed to make a natural-looking curvy girl look like a ‘perfect’, ‘sexy’ hourglass with smooth skin and a tiny waist in under 30 minutes. Yes, if you saw that in a magazine you’d know straight away that it was ‘edited’ but, would you immediately think the reality was THAT FAR OFF? I sure wouldn’t. Professional image editors have years of experience and get to sit at the editing desk for hours and even days on end with a single picture. 

The photo above was from a ‘curvy kate’ photo shoot - and there would’ve been just as much professional lighting and makeup going on as any other high fashion shoot. The only difference? When it goes back to the editing room, the girls are most likely lightly airbrushed but not significantly altered in any way. You can see the lumps and bumps and curves that 95% of the female population have. 

Even though the lingerie may have been more marketable on a stick with huge boobs, your target audience are not sticks with huge boobs. A product will always be more satisfying and pleasing to people when they don’t have to compete with -an edited- Miranda Kerr in the size 4 dress that they’re trying on in a size 12. 

So, Ask yourself next time you feel down about someone/something you saw on tv or in a magazine ‘is this real or are they only trying to sell me something?’

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community meme: five places [1/5]  →  Greendale Community College campus

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straight women who casually use the word “girlfriend” to refer to their platonic lady friends, i have nothing against you, but you make the world really confusing,

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Brownie in a mug directions

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No make-up, curled hair, kind of day. (My front camera isn’t great but that and the dark lighting makes my skin not look so bad)

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Been a little candle obsessed lately. Lighting this tonight (:

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Had time before work to pick up a yummy and nourishing veg juice at the coffee shop next door! Love the beets in this ☀️

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Repost but feelin good

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